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GCSE PHYSICS                            £28.00  per hour


GCSE Physics can be a fascinating subject but there is a lot to learn and you are introduced to some difficult ideas. Being able to talk through everyday examples with a proffessional physics tutor will ensure that you grasp the basic principles needed to ensure exam success.

GCSE or A Level Physics Tuition at Grainger Tuition

A LEVEL PHYSICS                        £30.00  per hour


Even students with a genuine passion for science can find the transistion from GCSE to A Level a big step. There are some complex concepts to master and a thorough knowledge of fundemental principles and how to apply them is needed for top grades. Here at Grainger Tuition we have the experience and expertise needed to help you achieve the grades you need.

Online Maths and Physics Tuition at Grainger Tuition

ONLINE TUITION                  £28.00 - £30.00  per hour


To expand beyond our base in North Yorkshire we now offer all the subjects taught in our face-to-face sessions by the medium of online tuition.


Please contact us for more details of this great service.

Maths Tuition at Grainger Tuition

GCSE MATHS                               £28.00  per hour


With maths skills being so prized in both the public and private sectors it is unsuprising that a good grade in GCSE maths is seen as the gold standard for employment. We have a wealth of experience guiding students through all aspects of the curriculum to acheive the grades they need.

OCCUPATIONAL NUMERACY      £28.00   per hour


Maths skills are keenly sought across all sections of industry and to keep pace with the rapidly moving jobs market you may wish to brush up on old skills or learn some new ones. Whatever your requirements, Grainger Tuition is well placed to provide all the guidance and support you may need.

The services we can currently offer are shown below.

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With effect from September 2021 we are able to resume face to face tuition with students in their own homes, subject to appropriate Covid security measures. Please contact for further details.