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 To ensure the highest quality of service, all good tutors encourage honest feedback from their                                               students. Below are a selection of comments I have received from satisfied clients.

" Thank you so much, you not only helped me remember maths, but you also re-installed self confidence in me. Thank you"

Mr P, Darlington...Teachers Professional Skills Test

"Just thought you would like to know E..... got an A in Physics and a B final grade in her maths. We are all pleased with her results and would also like to thank you for all your help with these subjects."

                  Mrs H, Bedale...GCSE Maths & Physics

"Sam went over the basics which enabled me to pass my university application. Without his help I would not have passed. Sam was extremely helpful providing examples and all the encouragement I needed."

                                           Ms H, Northallerton...Uni-Entry

"Thank you very much for your help. Without it I am sure N... would have struggled to have had the confidence to pass the Test."

Mrs L, Northallerton...Adult Numeracy

"J... achieved mark of 82, Grade A, in re-sit. We are all thrilled. Thank You"

Mrs S, Richmond...GCSE Maths

"Sam is a professional tutor who was a pleasure to have in our home. Sam made my daughter feel at ease straight away and I recommend him highly to anyone who needs a maths tutor."


Mrs H, Darlington...GCSE Maths

"Sam is an extremely professional teacher, with a very pleasant and patient manner, without his help I would have been much further behind with my maths studies. He is a pleasure to work with."

Ms R, Leeming...GCSE Maths

"Thank you Sam, you helped massively"


Ms F, Richmond... As Physics

"Will always feel extreamely grateful for the great help you were to L...., his confidence in his own ability in maths grew significantly. I think that is the key element - making them believe in themselves. We are both so happy that the elusive 'C' grade was acheived and no resits."


Mrs R, Catterick...GCSE Maths

"I would not hesitate in recommending Sam. He has a very personalised approach to teaching and took the needs of my son into account."


Mrs L, Richmond...GCSE Maths

"Thanks for bringing me on this past year. I,m sure I couldn't have done it without you."


Mr H, Northallerton... A Level Physics

"We are very pleased with her results and extreamly proud of her. E..... got a level 6 for her maths. Thank you for all your hard work in helping E..... to gain a good grade."


Mrs K, Catterick...GCSE Maths